Episode 39
Guest: Roman Pichler, Guido Stompff & Melissa Klemke

Episode 39: Christmas Special w/Roman Pichler, Guido Stompff & Melissa Klemke

Dec 22 / Petra Färm & Magnus Billgren
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Christmas Special
What an outstanding Christmas special and ending to 2020. Our theme was Christmas Cleaning what models and thoughts are outdated.

Our favorite guests shared thoughts and ideas to reach success in 2021. It is not just about learning new things but also about unlearning.

The Product Thought Leader and Author Roman Pichler focused on the teams and interaction between individuals as a key success component. We need to prune our ways of working and take away all the branches that have grown.

Professor Guido Stompff shared his secret for webinar success.... and talked about the power of imagination. It is not enough to follow the processes. Even more, so he shared his research finding that we should do more and talk less.

Melissa Klemke, our Australian friend, has decided to reduce expensive meetings. Digital meetings can have many formats, and we need to choose which type of digital interaction is appropriate, maybe a slack meeting or a MIRO session.

Petra was about to throw out SCRUM, but we had already deleted that point from the agenda

Magnus decided to throw away prestudies. They are never good enough. I will test more!

We are proud to have had over 6000 guests to our webinars during 2020. And we thank you for trusting us with your time.

Let's use the learnings from 2020 and make 2021 a wonderful year!

Petra & Magnus