Episode 82
Guest: Dora Palfi

Shaping the Future

Nov 16 / Magnus Billgren
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Shaping the Future
She was tired.

“How are you?” I asked.

She wore all the signs of being overworked.

Her job was to support countries in building their civil society, primarily concerning health and democracy. Her computer had a sticker from a famous NGO.

She was tired.

When I told her about my job in creating Products to be proud of – she became energized.

We spent an hour talking, and I left the coffee shop proudly, and she left inspired.
We had concluded that Product People shape the world. Therefore, change can be a part of the products we design.

In this ProductBeats Episode, we invited Dora Palfi. One of the 30 persons under 30 to watch, according to Forbes. She is an award-winning Tech entrepreneur and a co-founder of imagilabs. They build products inspiring girls to code.

Dora is shaping the world.

Every thought with a defined pattern can be turned into a product that impacts the world.

Be inspired by Dora Palfi!