The Productbeats Networks

How do we make our Product lead our growth? Where do we need to invest? What are the metrics we should use? Does it really work? Is it applicable to all companies and products?

During six months of network sessions every second week, we will expand and package the new knowledge.  Be a part of theme-focused handpicked network groups.  We will create actionable outcomes and value for your product and generate concrete perspectives for solving your problems during our time together.  In the end you will have authorship on the generated document for solutions for action experienced in The Networks.
Starting date


Workshop-facilitated, online sessions
Twice monthly for 6 months

What a

Petra Färm, 
Magnus Billgren, Krzysztof Wnuk/BTH

Petra and Magus are from The Productbeats Show and add to their product expertise and experience are the top-ranked academics with Prof. Krzysztof Wnuk from BTH. A winning trio! Don’t miss the knowledge, research and energy expertise in these facilitated workshops.