The Productbeats Networks

  Join international, theme-focused networks
 creating new knowledge together

Starts: 1st of September
Duration: 6 months
Fee: €799 

What's the value?

Shortcuts, no risky business
The Productbeats networks are groups of people who had been through it, and understand your situation. They are handpicked to save you time and unnecessary risks. These are the people that will show you the shortcut to your next step. You call them because you know they make you think differently and help you achieve results faster.

Stay ready
The Productbeats Networks help you to always be on top of things no matter what is happening around you, at any time. You are part of a group whose members help each other get ready to face any change or challenge. That’s why we have theme-focused networks that generate concrete perspectives for solving problems. We don’t just discuss the problem or reply to questions, we generate action that you can apply immediately.

Magnus, Petra and BTH 
That's a winning combination for workshop facilitation. Some of you know Petra and Magus from The Productbeats Show, every Tuesday. Well, add to their product expertise and experience with the top-ranked academics from BTH and you have a sky-high level of energy, knowledge and research expertise in facilitated workshops.  

Expand, packaged knowledge
During our bi-monthly sessions, we will expand and package the new knowledge generate a document of solutions for action. This is the outcomes from our Networks we call actionable knowledge beats. 

What's our deal?

  • Theme-focused, zoom workshops facilitated by Magnus and Petra with BTH academic experts.
  • Sessions are twice-a-month, 1.5 hours.
  • Connect with international Product People since what happens in the world affects you and your product.
  • A community that continues sharing and supporting each other after sessions, and our facilitators and research team are always available to you.
  • Access to our ever-expanding knowledge platform with more than 100 inspirational talks, 50 product management tools and frameworks, blogposts, and new content created by all Productbeats Networks.You will be included as an Author on the published document from your Network.

  • In addition, a 50% discount for Product Management Certification Program is available when you sign up.

How do I join?

We are picky because we want you to be part of a group that creates actionable outcomes and value for you. We believe in the power of diverse experiences so no matter your background or role you are welcome. So, we ask you to fill in a short questionnaire below to find out more about you. 

Want to talk first?

You don't have to have a question to talk with us. Joining The Networks is a turning point in your journey as a Product Professional, so book time to talk about with us. We are here.
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Application to The Network

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