Design Thinking

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If you want to grow in your role as a Product Professional, "Design Thinking for Product Managers" is your path to success. You have heard, read and used design thinking already, but let's take it to the next level.

Design Thinking is a multidisciplinary approach and a powerful way to create lovable, sustainable and profitable products. Take the initiative, signup, and make an impact!

About the course

Design Thinking for Product Managers is a program that will help you create products that are LOVED, SUSTAINABLE and PROFITABLE.

The program teaches you in a pragmatic way to apply and integrate design thinking in your product management work, accelerating your Design Thinking journey.

The trainers on the journey are experienced Product Managers who all have deployed Design Thinking to create successful products, creating an impact in the world. 

Join us and the Design Thinking Squad to create loveable products!
Design Thinking is a process that releases your empathetic, creative, innovative, and analytical skills. It will support your journey to provide solutions to problems worth solving. Making your customers love you even more.

This interactive eLearning features a live Onboarding session where you meet other Product people in your situation to share insights and attitudes, and to network. Next onboarding starts the first Tuesday 10:00 each month.

The course includes 6-10 hours of studies plus reference material in articles, videos and tools. And we wrap it up with a Landing session 3 weeks later to extract the essence of the course.

So, join the training now. See you! 

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