Welcome to the Cohorts for The Program! This is your opportunity to unlock your potential in product management and achieve professional growth. Join our diverse community of learners and gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the dynamic field of product management.

Choose between our online cohorts or on-site cohorts, depending on your location and availability. Our online cohorts provide interactive virtual sessions twice a week for three hours over the span of two months, while our on-site cohorts consist of immersive four full-day sessions spread out over the course of a month.

Don't miss out on this chance to level up your product management skills and join a vibrant community of professionals. Enroll now to secure your spot in our upcoming cohorts for The Program. Upgrade your skills and reflect on what you already know! And most of all build readiness for Product Actions - No Matter What!

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Past cohorts, participants and learners

The Program is based on research. Here Prof. Dr. Dr. Tony Gorschek from BTH shares new findings. 
How to make sound decisions and prioritize is one part of the program. 
Henrik, the product guardian, leads you through The Program
Active reflection is key to personal development.  
Energized exercises, and new product friends. 
The program is supported with refence material, books, cards, articles, films, templates and more.  
The scoped workshops drive experienced sharing while being creative. 
Turning new knowledge into planned actions.
Strategize by Roman Pichler is one of the refernces we use.
Product professionals from Finland, USA, Portugal, Germany, Ireland and Sweden discuss learnings.
Some of the many companies we are proud to work with.
Learning is easier with a goal! What is yours? 
Learning new stuff and turning it into action can be difficult. 
Turning theory into action is a messy but necessary step!
A professor, a Rockstar and a trainer Evolves concepts and training structure.
The discussion within the group makes it happen. Mixing cultures, experiences and skills makes it happen.
Working and testing things for yourself is an important step in learning.
Magnus Billgren is one of the trainers. He has built products selling for 'billions of Euros'. 
Problem solving exercise.
Structuring data, extracting knowledge, discussing conclusions drives experience sharing.
Sofie Ohlsén manages the Program.