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1. Support - Ask Robin anything (via email or in a meeting)
2. Weekly live workshops -  evolve your knowledge and connect with product professionals
3. Instant Solutions -  solve problems NOW
4. Systems to leverage your product game
5. Knowledge bank - access to 150+ shows and 40+ tools

Premium Access 1:

Weekly Live Workshops

The weekly live workshop is a 1h session. focusing on a tool, topic, model, book report, or the latest in product thinking.. They are held every week on Friday 13:30 - 14:30. Invites to the workshops are sent the Tuesday  before the meeting.
Topic Date
Solution Management 14 June 2024 13:30-14:30
Ask me Anything 21 June 2024 13:30-14:30

Premium Access 2:

Ask Robin

During the 25-minutes meeting we'll dive into your challenge you're facing. Together, we'll uncover hidden opportunities for your product's success, and discover plausible perspectives in how to solve the concern. Whether you need a strategic masterstroke, a design that packs a punch, development prowess, or growth tactics, we have your back. We'll provide the insights, expertise, and pragmatic perspectives.

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Instant Solutions

The Instant Solution will help you get things done. the Instant Solutions are designed for limited and well-scoped problems. 

Premium Access 4:

Third Party Systems

With the Premium membership you have access to third party systems, for an extended period of time. As of August 2023 you gain access to three systems: Skyjed: to manage your product work, delibr - making you backlog outcome based, and IPScreener search the patent databases of the world with AI.  Activate you access by pressing the buttons below.  

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Mission Control For Product Management

Skyjed is a powerful product lifecycle management and governance platform that helps product managers streamline workflows, reduce manual tasks, and improve their development efforts.  Skyjed Starter comes with an array of features to get you started, including:

    • Ready-to-start product  templates, such as Lean Canvas, Launch Ready Review, Product Strategy & Growth, Annual Product Reviews, and more.
    • Automated alerts to stay on top of tasks and deadlines.
    • Collaborative features that enable effective team work
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DELIBR AI: Harness AI to ship more product value with a new level of clarity and flow

Delibr is a workflow tool that helps product managers capture and structure feedback, translate it into feature documents, and align with team and stakeholders. It offers two-way Jira sync and leverages AI to generate documents and act as a copilot throughout the processes.
Delibr's AI comes with an array of features to get you started, including:

    • Dynamic Templates for Industry Standards and Consistency
    • Streamline Writing Process with AI Assistance
    • Two-Way Jira Integration for Seamless Collaboration
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IPscreener: Validating and boosting your ideas

IPscreener enables everyone to explore and understand the knowledge hidden in patents. The AI presents an instant dashboard of the innovation landscape. Showing trends, similar solutions and assist in reading them.  Some of the many ways IPscreener can be used:

    • Boosting R&D: IPscreener helps validate ideas, prevent reinvention and inspire new developments 
    • Minimizing legal issues: IPscreener enables you to navigate potential legal challenges effectively.
    • Supporting business decisions: IPscreener provides information about the most active players, their activities, and geographical presence.

Premium Access 5:

The Knowledge Bank

The knowledge bank contains a wide variety of tools and Productbeats shows. Both areas are searchable per topic. In the show archive you can search for free text such as speaker or explicit context.   

The Toolbox

40+ useful Product Tools at your fingertips

The Show Archive

Browse through over 160 shows and gather knowledge from all of our amazing guests and their experiences.


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