Episode 2
Guest: Roman Pichler

Episode 2: How to Lead in Product Management w/Roman Pichler

Mar 31 / Magnus Billgren
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How to Lead in Product Management
As we today navigate our products in turbulent water, we need the aligned team. These are the days when the stakeholders must come together. The difficult work of aligning everyone is yours, as product managers. We need to make all the stakeholders understand and contribute to the direction of your product. Now is the time where we can build a new way of working together based on trust and our deliveries.
Roman Pichler, the world thought leader in Agile Product Management, recently published a new book called "HOW TO LEAD IN PRODUCT MANAGEMENT."
He also joined the ProductBeats Webinar series on the 31st of March and shared some of his thoughts. The concept of Deep Listening is something that I brought with me. Roman Pichler has written an article on listening HERE. In his book, he digs into listening techniques as well as how to connect collaboration with strategy and other relevant thoughts. Roman has a pragmatic way of attacking problems. That makes all his models valuable.
The behavioral Stairway Model is concrete in how to become a better leader - by listening. Roman also shared a model from the FBI on how to resolve conflicts. The key is to build trust. The same is valid in your interactions with Stakeholders today.
Roman talked about having Lunch with your stakeholders or meeting outside the office. It might be difficult in these Corona times but still possible. I just read a post by Anders Wendt on Linkedin, he wrote:
"..We have meetings in our kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms with kids, spouses, cats, and dogs acting as random commercial breaks during daytime tv. We get small glimpses of each other's personal life as we always have the camera on....Suddenly I came a bit closer to my colleagues and my work became much more interesting and important."
During our web meetings from home, we can share a part of home life.