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Welcome to the Productbeats Premium!
Come in and explore, train, discuss, get stronger and evolve your endurance,  Take what you need, and ask for what you want. Not only do you receive a buffet of knowledge, but also a "Sidekick". If you have a product problem or an intriguing situation book a slot with your "ROBIN" to support you. 
The Productbeats Premium is your sidekick for product success! Your support system to navigate the changing world.​ The Productbeats Premium was released in June 2023. Our networking, continuous learning, workshops, toolkits, "Ask Robin" and our 3rd party solutions are just the beginning. We are continuously evolving as the "Home of Product", a friendly hub of knowledge and inspiration for  product professionals.
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Use the Productbeats premium to:

Get unstuck and stay ahead of the game

Find inspiration, embrace proactivity! Stay ahead amidst blockers and demanding workloads, no matter what. Use the membership to prioritize fiercely and unlock success. Take control of your journey, shape the future of your products as a Product Leader. Get things done with the membership. We equip you with tools and insights to conquer challenges and turn aspirations into actions to drive success.
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Network with product peers

Network with product professionals for insights, inspiration, and growth. Expand the horizons of what you know by expanding who you know.

In , we grow together, sharing knowledge and elevating each other. Through open dialogue, new insights emerge sparking innovation, bridging the theory-practice gap, and driving real-world impact.

Join our digital sessions, organized weekly and unlock the power of many brains thinking together.

Do Continuous Learning

Continuous learning is vital in a changing world. Say goodbye to wasted hours on web searches and videos. Productbeats Premium is your curated resource hub for growth. We transform the latest research into actionable to-do's and serve it in easily digestible formats. Embrace change. Learn. Act.
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What we offer

We'll help you take action no matter what 

Productbeats Premium contains tool workshops, deep dives in practical experiences, research reflections, software solutions, coaching, mail support and more. It is a buffet of product support to get things done. Every week we have a session you can access. Welcome!

And if there is something you want and cannot find, let us know! At Productbeats we want you to find whatever you need, whenever you need it. 

Some feedback from our professional participants

The Productbeats members are product professionals in tech intensive environments. Most of them manage products in the global market. Members come from Europe, Oceania, and Asia.

I've learnt a lot, exactly what I was looking for. I'll have a better grip on the product management role going forward.

David, Red Bee Media

Very enjoyable to learn and study in workshop groups together with wonderful people.

Christian, CAB Group AB

The course was very interesting and helped me reflect on how I can perform better in my current role. I thought the online sessions were great, and actually don't think I missed too much vs being in person.

Ehren,Red Bee Media

The program was even better than I expected, plus nice environment, nice people, nice atmosphere, Thank you!


I very much liked the content of the syllabus, as it gives a 360 overview of what makes a great PM. I also found the format very engaging overall, with a mix of self-thinking sessions, breakout discussion sessions into smaller groups, and discussions in the larger group involving the trainer.

Marine, Avinode

This is the best course if you want to understand the product management role. The content was very enlightening, and the many good discussions were really good for my learning.

Ximena, Hyper Island

Good structure! The course gave me a clear view on what I need to cover in my role. Also gave me an insight in how to do things and an understanding in working in different speeds. From this course I also learn that we are doing things great at our company and a more explanation on why we handling stuff as we do.

Sara, Atlas Copco

Extremally Interesting discussions with team and teachers knowledgably in their fields. Also a pep course to understand your worth as a Product Manger. And a clear goals and objectives to prepare for the ISPMA examination ahead.

Helene, Palette Software AB

It gave me a  full understanding of a product management framework and the responsibilities. I would like my colleagues to have the same as I do.

Patrik, Bisnode

I was impressed by how down to earth the trainers were, it instantly felt as a very friendly and open-minded environment. One thing that I value highly is the close interactions with other PMs, leading to a greater understanding of our shared challenges and inspiration for alternative solutions to them.

Johan, Accedo

Very good content and very useful for my work. Great combination of lectures and team discussions.

Mats, Teledyne FLIR

This course is one of the best I have ever taken in my entire Product Management career, and I am glad I was admitted to take this course.

Clement, PayedIn

Very good structure of the course set-up, calm, pedagogic and knowledgeable tutors, especially Henrik who has led us through most of the material in a very good way.


This course covered a wide range of aspects with regards to the Product Manager role and it involved numerous frameworks and methods I can take away and apply to my specific situation. I also really enjoyed the collaboration from the other participants in this course, they seem to be very experienced.

Jonny, BGS Services

Insightful course, wonderful structure. Love the sessions as planned (2 per week). Much better than having all in 3 full days in a row, let me digest. Henrik is an AWSOME instructor and the instructional design for the sessions lead but him were impeccable. Videos and the syllabus are very good. Together with the sessions create a perfect mix for learning. Productbeats is a wonderful context to learn

Jose, All-in Global

Very clear presentations with well defined (and very relevant) content, well delivered.

Maria, Gyros Protein Technologies

I have thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions within the course. It has realigned my product thinking to be more specific and directed, resulting in me being more effective within my role. The practical examples have really helped with understanding and possible implementation from my side and should definitely continue!

Tanille, Netstock

I have learnt a lot throughout the course, I feel more experienced in my job, more confident that I can better handle tasks, and ready for any challenges that may lie ahead. The course overall was fun, exciting and informative. I enjoyed that it was hands on, and the opportunity to meet and work together with people of similar proficiencies.

Joanne, BGS Services

Really great. The contextualization of the rigid and square Syllabus was great. Also, working in the digital area for almost 10 years, it involved a lot of known situations and things that I have experienced. The course did deliver top notch!!

Oscar , Volvo Cars 

Fun, modern, and intelligent way of getting s__t done

Erika, Arbetsförmedlingen

Well-structured It gives real solutions to real problems One of the best trainings I have ever attended

Zoltán, GIRO Zrt


Michelle Maria Jose is a humble force at Atlas Copco Tools, leading a highly successful product portfolio with global vision and problem-solving prowess.
Mehdi Akbarian, the unassuming CPO at Einride, merges technology and products with his MIT PhD and a passion for turning technology in products in a sustainable way.
Bianca Grizhar, the go-to person for ProductOps in New Zealand, supports product professionals with expert guidance and a deep understanding of their needs.
Büsra Coskuner brings clarity and knowledge-sharing to Swiss companies and product professionals all over the world, empowering them to excel in their roles.
Ainara Lopez Cordoba, with a PhD in Pain, embraces modern ways of sharing knowledge and empathizes with the challenges of product management.
Anders Josefsson, the pragmatic CPO of inRiver, achieves outstanding results by taking a hands-on approach to getting the job done.
Sumit Sing, a top-rated product management advisor, combines his work at Microsoft, studies at Harvard, and entrepreneurship experiences to deliver exceptional guidance.
Magnus Billgren helps hundreds of companies generate billions by integrating operations and strategy, authoring influential books and hosting the Productbeats show.


Frequently asked questions

Can my entire team/department/company sign up for Productbeats PREMIUM?

Certainly! We'd be absolutely thrilled to have your whole team on board. To get everyone signed up, simply contact us and we create an onboarding process for your team. Book a meeting with  Magnus or send an email to: ( We handle multiple sign-ups and assist with payment via invoicing. If you have any uncertainties about the process, feel free to book a meeting. We're here to make it as smooth as possible!

Is there a discount if we are multiple individuals each buying a PREMIUM?

Absolutely! We love to reward group enthusiasm. If you and your colleagues from the same organization sign up for membership at the same time, we offer fantastic discounts.

Here's the breakdown:
  • 5 people: Enjoy a 20% discount.
  • 20 people: Wow! An incredible 40% discount awaits.

So gather your crew and take advantage of these fantastic group discounts. It's the perfect opportunity to boost your team's skills and camaraderie. Don't miss out!

How long does the PREMIUM last and is it renewable?

We're glad you asked! Our professional membership plans are designed to provide continuous value and support. Once you join, your membership is valid for a full year from the date of enrollment. But don't worry, we've got your back when it comes to renewals too! As your membership expiration date approaches, we'll reach out to you with all the necessary details on how to easily renew and extend your access to our exclusive benefits and resources. Stay connected with us and keep enjoying the perks of being a valued member!
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