Tailored Product Training

Achieve your goals

Help your product teams deliver value and develop the competitive advantage needed for your organization.

By supporting your product teams with customized training, we can enable you to handle the hurdles of:
  • new members joining the Product team,
  • organizational restructuring, or
  • simply moving into a new phase, post launch.
We provide flexibility with our training, not only in terms of tailoring the content to meet your specific needs, but we also provide the option to have onsite training with a customized schedule - limiting the impact on other daily activities within your organization.

About the program:

We tailor the training to your needs based on 4 steps that will accelerate your Product team:
  • establishing insight to find the underlying issues,
  • providing content based on the latest research and practices,
  • creating a format that works for your team, and
  • finding ways of anchoring the knowledge to create a lasting impact.

You will learn:

  • How to construct a foundation for your current and future Product teams
  • How to effectively align your organization with the Product department
  • How to create synergies for future Product launches

After you'll be able to:

  • Understand and develop best practices for your Product Teams
  • Better position your offerings and improve your speed to market

Designed for:

  • Organizations with new Product departments
  • Organizations who have expanded their Product teams
For additional information on how to plan a Tailored Product Training for your organization contact Torbjörn Höjer.
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