Facing a tricky situation? Move forward with a Product Management Specialist.

Accelerate your product action!

The Ultimate Sidekick!

There is a need to support and grow key employees in the product management arena. We have developed a framework to accelerate the learning process for individuals. It is based on missions from your Product work. The coaching sessions helps the participant excel in their product management deliveries.
Through the mission-driven Coaching session your will get:
  • Concrete suggestions on how to approach and think in your situation
  • Tools to drive your processes forward
  • Models and methods allowing you to master your problems
Connecting the dots in your Product work

When signing up for Coaching we will contact you to plan your journey. Price is 230€/hour.

Ph.D. Petra Färm

Speaker, Instructor, Product specialist

Petra  is one of our Product Specialists. She has extensive experience from product management and development positions in various product companies and industries such as automotive, telecom, pharmaceutics and governmental. Her deep technical knowhow does not stop her from having a holistic perspective. She is structured, with a high analytical ability, while providing positive energy to any group.

Course reviews

"The coaching with Henrik really helped us create better strategies that our organisation can implement. And I got a new perspective on actionable strategies too."
Dennis Karlsson
Senior product manager
"I received so much praise from the development teams for the work I have done together with Petra, developing both a Strategy and a Business Case for our License Management System."
Anna Hultin
Senior product manager