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Productbeats Premium offers expert support to help you overcome product challenges and achieve success. We call it "Ask Robin" - your sidekick. Fill out our problem-solving form or book a meeting to receive personalized guidance from our experienced team. Don't let obstacles hold you back - take action now!

NOTE! In the membership 1 personal consultation is included per year. Additional consultations cost 100Euros/30min.


Facing a product challenge that's holding you back? We're here to provide the support you need. Scope your problem with the form below and try to identify the real problem. Our team of experts will review your submission and send you our perspective. It might not solve your problemimmediately, but we promise it will help you think. And it will take you one step closer to solving it!

Don't let hurdles stand in your way - take the first step towards success today!


Looking to find a fresh perspective on your product-related concerns?  Schedule a meeting with us, and let's get going. Our intensive advice is about finding shortcuts, new perspectives or maybe concrete solutions. We have mentored 1000s of product manager. We call our model Go-Guidance, to make you move forward.

During our consultation, we'll quickly dive deep into a challenge you're facing. We've faced 100s of product situation across the world in all industries. Together, we'll uncover hidden opportunities and discover plausible ways to solve the concern.

Whether you need a strategic masterstroke, a design that packs a punch, development prowess that leaves villains in awe, or growth tactics that outshine even Gotham's skyline, our team of experts has got your back. We'll provide the pragmatic power of experience, and superhero-worthy map to conquer any obstacle that comes your way.

Remember, with us as your trusted sidekick, there's no challenge too daunting, no problem too menacing! Let's make your product soar to new heights!

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