IPscreener is a cutting-edge AI tool that empowers individuals and organizations to delve into the wealth of knowledge concealed within patents. With just a simple text, IPscreener instantly generates a comprehensive dashboard showcasing the innovation landscape, offering insights on similar solutions, active competitors, and global trends.

Why is this tool crucial? Here are three key reasons:
  • Boosting R&D: IPscreener helps validate ideas, preventing reinvention and inspiring new developments by leveraging the progress made by others.
  • Minimizing legal issues: By mitigating the risk of relying on competitor rights, IPscreener enables you to navigate potential legal challenges effectively.
  • Supporting business decisions: IPscreener provides valuable information about the most active players, their activities, and geographical presence, facilitating informed business decisions.

To deliver unparalleled performance, IPscreener dynamically adapts and optimizes its functionality to cater specifically to your area of interest. The tool is easily accessible through the web platform and can also be seamlessly integrated into your workflow by utilizing our API service.