The Product Home of Change

Our Story

The product landscape is ever changing. For product people, it's a constant, overwhelming, and exhausting wave of challenges. We understand this is not sustainable, physically, emotionally, or mentally.

So, during one of the most treacherous times in the history of the world, Tolpagorni AB made the bold decision to launch a new and separate business model-  Productbeats, The Product Home of Change. We decided to become a place for Product People where the waves of overwhelming challenges are transformed into opportunities.  Product management is the generator for product creation and growth.

As a new brand, we put all our resources, energy and passion into creating customised programs, trainings and tools. Our story of embracing great change is the reason we exist, today. So, if you understand our vision and share our values, we promise we are here for you.

Our Values


For Product People, the amount of  responsibility can lead to high stress and waring distress.  Sustainability extends to empowering Product People with the  authority need to sustains creating great products  for better societies.


We embrace possibility and make it happen. Our mindset is that of the challenger. We challenge ourselves, each other and our clients toward excellence.  Constant innovation is not an ideal, it is key in our culture.


We are driven by our curiosity to grow and learn more, to extract the best from a vibrant, supportive, curious workforce. We believe that a diverse mixture of competencies and passionate people is when the best work happens for clients.

Our Promises 

We will partner up with you

We help you navigate the wave of responsibilities beside you on their journey. We are your guide from what you need to get done to creating products to be proud of. We are sidekick

 We help you create products to be proud of

This is the journey we make together. Our clients go from being diligent doer to passionate creator. You can't fake it

We feel you

Empathy is the Productbeats presence that resonates through our business, culture, products and communication.