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We, the Product People, have the right and responsibility to take initiatives with our products. Your customers have new opportunities and are facing a different set of challenges. Let us solve the problems worth solving and make an impact on our customer's lives. The ProductBeats mission is to support Product People with the ambition to create products and services that are LOVED, SUSTAINABLE, and PROFITABLE.


Product action
No matter what
THE PROGRAM by ProductBeats is the ISPMA foundation infused with the latest tools to bolster your thinking so that you can be more than prepared. We complement your existing competence, continually cultivating thinking and knowledge for fuller product action!

ISPMA for Product People
Get it right, now!
The Learnings are intensive courses that allow Product People to acquire knowledge and use it. Easy-to-handle study so you can grasp information and gain specific tools for instant solutions. You’ll enjoy your time learning, and your company will love the new capabilities you'll bring to the table.

Interactive courses
As specific as your issues
Help your product teams deliver value and develop the competitive advantage needed for your organization with customized training tailored to meet your specific needs.

Customized solutions for your team.


A Product Talk Show

Hear the latest news, topics and trends from product experts all over the world. We’re here to share, inspire, and inform Product People while having a bit of fun. Sign up and show up for The ProductBeats Show with hosts Magnus Billgren and Petra Färm. We aim to energize your week.

A Deep Dive

As a member of Central Competence, you'll find anything you need and never knew you needed for a deeper dive into product thinking and product action. When you sign up, you'll gain unlimited access to a myriad of product materials, for example, supportive research, tools, analysis, in addition to cohorts and expert guides. On the Expert Tier, premium level membership, the possibilities for customized training are endless for product and professional growth.


Whether you’re new or seasoned, you want to be sure you’re not missing a key component of the role because you’re lacking the proper tool. This is why we’ve put together a Product Management Toolbox that will grow along with you. All of the tools are battle-proven by our consultants across a multitude of industries.

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The ProductBeats Team

Magnus Billgren

Hosting the ProductBeats Show together with Petra. Product Professor Magnus will always put on a show.

Petra Färm

Hosting the ProductBeats Show together with Magnus. Dr. Petra is a product expert and always have expert thoughts.

Matilda Eriksson

The brain behind the operation, Executive Producer Matilda is the reason for ProductBeats viral size and high energy vibes.

Joshua Atlas

Josh is the Media Production of ProductBeats. You may not see him, but he's always behind the camera.

Torbjörn Höjer

Industrial designer Torbjörn is rarely seen, but is behind all of the production of ProductBeats, he keeps us rolling.

Shreyas Pandit

Coming all the way from New York, Marketing Specialist Shreyas helps us reach our global audience with his master skills in copywriting.

Henrik Johnsson

Product Management teacher and consultat Henrik is an expert in the area of product management and helps us produce content for our tools and trainings.

Sofia Borin

Economic genious Sofia is a corner stone for keeping ProductBeats afloat, and prevent us from mindless spendingsprees.

Mary Lee Copeland 

Chief Product Storyteller, bringing emotional engagement expertise to the ProductBeats team.
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