Episode 129: Resilient Product Strategy w/ Jana Paulech

Nov 15
Jana is another Brainmates product genius. She supports organizations in creating product strategies in our turbulent world. She has a background from Atlassian, corporate strategy development, game development, and holds a Ph.D. in the area of redox proteomics. Now, she has combined her experience into a methodology of creating Resilient Product Strategies that plan for change.

Strategic resilience as a topic has been cemented high on every board’s agenda thanks to the pandemic and widespread geopolitical risks. However, the topic of product strategy resilience rarely if ever surfaces when talking to product leaders. This is despite being one of the biggest detractors to creating big, bold, long-term product strategy. Most organisations are creating ‘fragile’ product strategy that does not consider change in its inception, and therefore really only ever plans to change the plan. Moving towards ‘resilient’ strategy means that change is considered a constant companion, and therefore must be included in product strategy along with all the other usual suspects – competitors, market, customers, business priorities, risks etc. We will discuss a technique called scenario gaming to support resilient strategy development.