Episode 132: The Product Owner as the melting point w/ Hana Chundelova Sulcova

Dec 6 / Petra Färm

“The Product Owner takes care of the product and the team”
In Episode 132, "The Product Owner as the melting point," Petra invited Hana Chundelova Sulcov, from Prague, to share her vast experience as a Product Owner successfully executing a laid-out strategy.

With 19 years in IT industry and over 15 years of building functional long-term solution delivery partnerships in the West European IT fields. Hana connects industry expert knowledge, solution driven approaches, executive management track records and number of business domains. Together with technology excellence of her colleagues in CN Group they transfer customers' business ideas into working software development solutions.
In this episode Hana Chundelova Sulcova will share some of the best practices accumulated from working across different organizations and industries.