Episode 133: How to build a Discovery Culture w/ Afonso Franco

Dec 13 / Magnus Billgren
 “feature requests are not to be obeyed, but understood”

Afonso Franco product Director at Easee, shared his concrete structure in how to build a discovery culture. The secret sauce of product management.

The process for doing discovery
The ADP (Afonso Discovery Process)
Start with the Value Proposition Canvas
Focus on defining the Ideal Customer Profile. Dig deep into the Job to be Done.
TOOLS: Value Proposition Canvas (https://productbeats.com/tool9-value-proposition-design), Job to be Done
Expand the Value proposition into the Business Model Canvas
Identify what you need to evolve and what you need to know.
TOOLS: Business model canvas (Tool #16: Business Model Canvas (productbeats.com))
Establish your Customer Assumptions
Build a hypothesis that you want to test. Assumption mapping – which assumptions do you want to test?
Look at What evidence you have or need and the Importance of the assumption in your Business Model Canvas
TOOLS: Hypothesis creation (Tool #10: Hegelian Dialectics (productbeats.com))
Create your test cards
This is necessary to manage the test activities and ensure that you are doing the right thing.
TOOLS: Test Cards
Design your experiments
Experiments come in all forms and shapes - design them to fit your time requirements, access to data points, and the importance of the experiment.
TOOLS: Experiment Design Model
Establish the conclusions and evaluate if the objectives of the tests have been fulfilled.