Episode 138: Continuous discovery in practice w/Francesca Cortesi

Jan 24 / Magnus Billgren
Francesca Cortesi became the CPO at Hemnet, one of the most famous and used websites in Sweden. She was excited to get to work with one of the most loved products in Sweden and make an impact. Francesca quickly realized that the traditional way of working at Hemnet could be improved. The product strategy was too vague, the product directions unclear, and a good way of incorporating users' feedback in the day-to-day of the development teams was not in place.

But there was a solution: working with product discovery. The Hemnet product organization embarked on a journey to implement a discovery way of working that would connect the execution of the product strategy, the product team, and the users with the discovery process. This allowed them to make better product development decisions based on data-driven insights. The new process improved communication and collaboration between team members, which resulted in better products. Francesca's innovative approach has been successful and has inspired other companies to adopt similar methods.