Episode 161: Discovering the secret sauce of Agile w/ Anthony Marter

Jul 4 / Magnus Billgren
In Episode 161, "Discovering the secret sauce of Agile" Magnus invited Anthony Marter, from Auckland, to share his practical tips in how to become product led.

Anthony Marter is deeply passionate about creating exceptional product experiences and cultivating leadership within the Product Management community. With a diverse background across a wide range of industry sectors, he has amassed valuable expertise and insights.

Bringing a global perspective, he has collaborated with organizations from around the world, enriching his understanding of different markets and cultural dynamics. His extensive experience encompasses product leadership in various fields, including SaaS, mobile, infrastructure, and manufacturing.

Discovering the secret sauce of Agile is a pursuit that entails unlocking the true essence of this transformative approach to project management. It involves delving into the core principles and values that underpin Agile methodologies, such as flexibility, collaboration, and iterative development. By embracing the Agile mindset, teams can harness the power of adaptability and responsiveness, enabling them to navigate complexities and deliver value in a dynamic business landscape. The secret sauce lies in recognizing that Agile is more than just a set of practices—it's a cultural shift that empowers teams to embrace change, embrace continuous learning, and foster a collaborative environment that drives innovation and success.

For all of you agilers out there, you don't want to miss this one!