Episode 79
Guest: Amanda Ralph

Episode 79: Continous Discovery w/Amanda Ralph

Oct 26 / Petra Färm
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Cultivating curiosity to drive business and customer value
Not long ago, experimentation with new technologies was only possible by multinational corporations or government-funded research labs. Today, affordable technology makes it possible for most enterprises to experiment with ideas and concepts in whole new ways.

For example, it’s now possible to test products and services online at a very low cost, as well as test out updates, alterations, and tweaks. Prototyping has become available to all through easy-to-use software and 3D printing. AI can simulate various market scenarios based on available real-life data. Virtual reality makes it possible to create completely new types of blueprints that make products and services come alive for real, and thus make them possible to evaluate before building or manufacturing them.

Digital technology and the new technologies it enables (like AR, VR, and AI) cut the traditional industrial age innovation process short. What used to take years of planning, testing, and executing can now be accomplished in months and sometimes even weeks.

There are endless possibilities, and it is easier than ever to get stuck in the analysis paralysis. To leverage the tech, you need a structured way to think about the assumptions. You need a guide in how to go about it and to do it often and fast.

To help us cultivate our curiosity we've invited Amanda Ralph, a product strategist with a passion for continuous discovery.

I really liked when Amanda talked about having a beat and a pulse in your continuous discovery so you get it into your everyday product development. The second thing I liked was the assumption matrix, it forces you to put it down on paper, were they true or were they false?

Thank you, Amanda, for joining us today. You can find her presentation and the graphical recording below.
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