Episode 80
Guest: Sandra Hinz and Rainer Collet

Episode 80: The Value Engine w/Sandra Hinz & Rainer Collet

Nov 2 / Magnus Billgren
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Value Engine
The era of DISRUPTION is about to end.
We are entering the era of JOURNEYS
Over the last years, we have many times been asked to evolve customer journeys. As a result, whole ways of working have transformed into journeys, both external and internal ones.
We have identified three drivers behind the journey-fashion:
  • XaaS – Companies providing products as services establish a new customer relation. The relation is by design a journey.

  • AI – with AI solutions, we can adapt and measure journeys in a better way.

  • IoT – Connecting products with IoT evolves the customer relation
The journeys are here to stay!
All journeys need a map to guide and reach the objective.
The Value engine, created by Sandra Hinz and Rainer Collet at Value Rebels, is a guide and a map for development journeys.