Episode 84
Guest: Christian Kowalkowski

Episode 84: Engaging customers in B2B Markets w/Christian Kowalkowski

Nov 30 / Magnus Billgren
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Engaging customers in B2B Markets
Can companies have emotions?
In the product management world, we often talk about Customer Journeys, Personas, and Empathy Maps. All these tools are designed to fit individuals and the B2C world. But, how do we relate to companies? Most of us have been using the tools for the different roles in the companies. And we establish an emotional connection with the individuals.
Professor Christian Kowalkowski from Linköping University recently published a paper on ”How to engage Customers in B2B”. They have evolved another way of thinking. They build their logic on the concepts of Engagement. And it is not even a goal to constantly increase Engagement. Professor Kowalkowski and his team have evolved the thinking in how we interact between companies.