Episode 85
Guest: Paul Ortchanian

Episode 85: Good habits around roadmap completion w/Paul Ortchanian

Dec 7 / Petra Färm
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Discipline in product: Good habits around roadmap completion
So good to be back on the show, feels like an eternity. Probably since I’ve been on the road for a couple of weeks visiting various companies and organizations with the common theme: change and product management.
How to leverage or establish product thinking to accelerate change is an interesting topic and lots can be said about it. But since I cannot write 100 pages, I’m gonna share one thought; the power of roadmaps.

It’s a deceivingly simple tool that implies that it is difficult to get it right. We love to use it for communication, for aligning on where we are heading and how to get there. A bridge between product strategy and product planning.

Since the main purpose is communication, there has to be a lot of thought around who is going to read it. Those people need to understand your roadmap.
What do you need to get alignment and commitment on? Is it which markets you are targeting, events that you need to deliver stuff to, key customers, platform capabilities, what you want to test and/or learn… It can be used to clearly visualize the change you want to achieve and the consequences it will have. Moving from sales-driven to product-led for example, or focusing on customer journeys instead of features.

To give us some serious roadmap thinking as well as hands-on tips and real-life experience we have the marvelous roadmap and product management expert: Paul Ortchanian CEO and Founder at Bain Public.
It was wonderful to have Paul on the show. Below you can find his presentation and the illustration. As always, the recording will be available soon, follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated.