Episode 88
Guest: Maarten Dalmijn

Episode 88: Put an end to the roadmapping circus w/Maarten Dalmijn

Jan 11 / Magnus Billgren
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Put an end to the roadmapping circus
It was in September 2005 I was planning a new exciting product. My friend Thomas Wester shared an article: “Strategic roadmapping: linking technology resources to business objectives.” by Professor Robert Phaal at Cambridge University.  
Thomas, a successful entrepreneur, was excited. He stated: “It is the silver bullet for product development.”
Roadmapping is today an established business practice in all companies. Thomas spotted it early.
But has the value of the roadmapping eroded? Have we forgotten the objective with the roadmap?
Maarten Dalmijn makes a statement that the intention of the roadmap has changed - from a guide to a plan.
Most companies are using it as a part in their “feature-factory”. And this is why the Roadmapping-Circus appear.
Maarten shares his view on why it happens, how it happens and what you can do about it!