Episode 1: 7 signs you have a great PO w/Petra Färm

25 March, 2020 / Host: Magnus Billgren
Product management is all about collaboration, and one of the most important relationships is between the product manager and the product owner. In a recent Productbeats show, Dr. Petra Färm, a product owner guru, shared seven signs that you have the perfect relationship with your product owner. Here's what you need to know.

  1. The backlog is prioritized. The product backlog is a critical tool for managing the product's development, and it needs to be prioritized to ensure that the most important features are developed first. A great product owner will work with the product manager to prioritize the backlog based on business value, user needs, and technical feasibility.
  2. The stories are impressive. Product owners are responsible for defining the user stories that developers use to build the product. A great product owner will create impressive, well-defined user stories that clearly communicate what the user wants and why it matters.
  3. Your product stands out and fits in. A great product owner understands the market and user needs and creates a product that stands out from the competition while still fitting in with the user's expectations. They balance innovation with practicality to create a product that users will love.
  4. Development delivers features that support the goal. The product owner needs to work closely with the development team to ensure that the features they develop are aligned with the product's overall goals. A great product owner will keep the team focused on the most important features and ensure that they are delivering value to the user.
  5. You are fed with tech opportunities. A great product owner understands the technical capabilities and limitations of the product and works closely with the development team to identify opportunities for innovation. They are constantly exploring new technologies and finding ways to leverage them to improve the product.
  6. Your value proposition is challenged. A great product owner is always challenging the product manager to ensure that the product's value proposition is strong and relevant. They ask tough questions and push for improvements that will make the product more valuable to the user.
  7. You feel less alone. Finally, a great product owner is a partner to the product manager, someone who can provide support and guidance when it's needed. They are always available to answer questions and provide feedback, making the product manager feel less alone in the product development process.

At Productbeats, we believe that collaboration and teamwork are critical to building successful products. By following these seven signs, you can build a strong relationship with your product owner and create a product that truly meets the needs of your users.

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  • "The Art of Possibility" by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander, which examines the power of mindset and possibility in leadership
  • "The Innovator's Dilemma" by Clayton Christensen, which explores how to disrupt industries and create breakthrough innovations.

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