Episode 1
Guest: Petra Färm

7 signs you have a great PO

Mar 25 / Magnus Billgren
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7 signs you have a great PO
In today's live webinar at ProductBeats we discussed going Digital and some inspiring books.

All Digital content is not the same. Just look at you TV och youtube. A TV production of a series is quite different from a live broadcast from a soccer game. Both of them provide energy, excitement but everything is different in the background. The same is valid for Youtube. Some are highlights from professional tv productions other are amateur projects. Both providing entertainment, inspiration and sometimes reflections.

At ProductBeats we are looking for an outcome oriented digital approach. An approach to make ProductPeople reflect, create and act.

We are inspired by the MOMENT. We want to use the Moment to create actions and reflections. Even if we are digital. The book "The Power of Moments" by Chip Heath & Dan Heath discuss the moment and why certain experiences have an extraordinary impact.

From all digital advisors we have talked to, we hear the same tune. "It takes time." "You will make many misstakes." "Keep learning and accelerate your learning process." We find our inspiration in the book by Angela Duckworth called "GRIT". In it she writes about Passion and resilience and how it relates to Success. Product Management as well as our Digital transformation is very much about GRIT. Coming up with one fantastic product idea is not Product Management. To make it happen and to evolve it is the definition of Product Management.

During the process of learning there will misstakes, we will need to improvize and take calculated risks. The book "Yes to the Mess" by Frank Barrett brings in surprising leadership perspective from the world of Jazz. Bartlett is not only a professional jazz musician but also a Professor in Management.

Let's accelerate or digital learnings and how we navigate through the troubling waters. And remember withouth speed you cannot navigate!

The Presentation
To your left is the presentation by Dr. Petra Färm on the signs that you as a Product Manager has the perfect relationship with your Product Owner. The presentation draws the attention to the fact that the collaboration between the PM and the PO is critical for product success. The collaboration between them is more important than some of the tools being used within a role. And it is a "bi-directional" relationship. PM feeds the Agile Beast and PO is a pushing for additional development and technical evolution. The discussions in the PO/PM relation are based on the Product Strategy and Value creation The relations makes you develop the RIGHT product not just doing the RIGHT things.
Adapt or Die - Survival of the Fittest means that we sometimes deliver ballons and sometimes make video productions. We are having fun!