Episode 100
Guest: Ebba Laurin

Episode 100: The immense power of Incremental innovation w/Ebba Laurin

Apr 5 / Magnus Billgren
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The immense power of Incremental innovation
Most product management frameworks are built around New Product Development (NPD) structures.
In 2008 I became a strategic advisor to the organization PDMA (Product Development and Management Association).

I tried hard to involve more incremental modeling and research in the work. But disruption and new products development was prioritized. This is a pattern that we often see. Management, developers, and in fact most of your stakeholders all prioritize the next new thing, the disruption.

It is however interesting that most development budgets show that we spend the majority of our resources on evolving existing products. Product Management is very much about growing, securing, and making the existing portfolio successful. Incremental development is a major part of product management and agile methodology is well suited to deal with it.

Ebba Laurin, author, researcher, and source of energy, share her research findings around the three pillars of Incremental innovation:

• Anchoring
• Destruction  
• Creating