Episode 102
Guest: Jakob Engblom

Episode 102: Why you can't copy lego in your software design w/Jakob Engblom

Apr 19 / Magnus Billgren
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Why you can't copy lego in your software design
Over the last 8 years, I have been pursuing a secret campaign. I want the Product Managers to understand the impact of the architecture. And that it is too important to delegate to development.

Most product managers are focusing on the customer and the business. That is wonderful. We all need to evolve the customer experience. But, we should give the architecture a little bit of love, because:

It defines the product’s capability of

• evolving over time
• adapting to different customers
• supporting new revenue streams
• accelerating the development

I would even state that the architecture defines the product’s long-term profits.

When I hear the comment: “We use web services, it is a great architecture with modules, just like LEGO.” I know we have a long way to go.

Jakob Engblom, Ph.D., from Intel, shares his experience and helps us think about architecture from a new perspective, with the help of LEGO.