Episode 103
Guest: Anna Radzikowska

Episode 103: Your KPIs probably aren’t “key”! So, what are they? w/Anna Radzikowska

Apr 26 / Petra Färm
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Your KPIs probably aren’t “key”! So, what are they?
ProductBeats! Last week I was moderating the product track at SaaSiest 2022, where all the hottest B2B SaaS companies in the Nordics were. Picked up a few things that I’ll share with you:

  • “PLG” (Product-Led Growth) is mainstream, that acronym was dropped in every other talk

  • Product Market Fit is hot and key to success, so if you missed the Productbeats Show with Nick Coster some weeks ago, you might want to view that recording here

  • CLG is surfacing but is it Customer-Led Growth or Community-Led Growth

  • (Customer-Led Growth: Keep your customers and grow within your existing customer base)

  • Cultural carriers, you want them especially when you are scaling aggressively

  • Single-threaded teams

  • Metric, metrics, metrics: all SaaS companies I interacted with were obsessed with metrics (and the customer of course)

In a SaaS world, there is no limit to what you can measure. So how do you choose the right key performance indicators and how do you know that they are really indicating progress on the outcome you are after? These and many more questions I hope today’s wonderful guest can help us with.

Anna Radzikowska, Product manager and Kanban trainer with a passion for metrics!

Anna, it was so great to have you on the show!