Episode 104
Guest: Sumit Singh

Episode 104: Gamification 101 w/Sumit Singh

May 3 / Magnus Billgren
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Gamification 101
Many of us product people build subscription products (or products that we will use over a long period of time).
A key element for product success usage.
We want the customer to use the product so they see the value in it. Then they will prolong the subscription.
But how do we evolve product usage and value delivery? 
Gamification might be a solution. Gamification is used to trigger usage. It also helps customers to discover more features in the product.
But how do we “gamify” a product? How can we use the logic of gamification to enhance customer value delivery?
Sumit Singh is a Principal Product Manager at Microsoft, working with the XBOX. In this talk, he shares the logic of gamification.