Episode 105: Mental health and Product Management w/Sreemati Lalgudi

May 11 / Petra Färm
Prevention is better than a cure!
A good old saying that we throw out the window when it relates to our mental health.As product people, we are the generalist amongst specialists. Hence, this results in unique demands on our mental health. With awareness, simple actions every day, and continuous recovery, we can continue to thrive as a product of people without impacting our wellbeing. On May 10th Petra was joined by Sreemati Lalgudi to talk about mental health and Product Management. Below you will find the reflections from Petra, the recording from the show and Sreemati's presentation.
Let’s talk Formula 1.
When it comes to formula 1, I’m especially fascinated by the engineering, and the engineering teams. Actually, I have this secret dream that one day I’ll work in a formula 1 team, maybe as the oil expert or some of the other highly specialized roles. I will probably need to start learning right away since as a product person, I’m more of a generalist than specialist...
Anyhow, Formula 1 have a long program with 22 races per season and they keep evolving the car during the season, they also develop next year’s car and optimize for each track. Talk about sustainable high-performing. How do they do it?
To find out you can read this book “The Core” by Dr Aki Hintsa or browse to Hintsa performance, the company Aki founded that is now run by his daughter. This Finnish company has created a framework for sustainable high performing based on well-being. Or has they put it:
“Success is a by-product of well-being”
They have a great tool/method for assessing your well-being and start making small changes to become better and better.