Episode 106: The truth about remote working w/Darja Smite

May 18 / Magnus Billgren
The truth about working from home.

Everyone has an opinion. The discussions are vivid on Linkedin, in organizations, and in teams. How are we to structure the post covid working conditions? Do we work in the office on Wednesdays & Thursdays? How do onboard employees in a remote environment? What happens to creativity if all meetings are on Zoom? Professor Darja Smite, from BTH, has done her homework. Before the covid breakout, she worked with the productivity and effectiveness of distributed software teams. She all the data from teams in how they behaved in the office from multiple countries and around the world.

Did you know that we get more things done when we work from home?
Did you know that Norwegians want to work in the Office and Germans want to work from home? Did you know that productivity goes down when you work from home?
Professor Smite shares the undisclosed truth about working from home.