Episode 109
Guest: Shane Hatton

Episode 109: Let's Talk Culture w/Shane Hatton

Jun 7 / Petra Färm
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Let's Talk Culture
Tuesday and ProductBeats! Great to be here and we do have an awesome show today. As always one might say.
Recently I had the privilege to meet-up with some great thinkers and doers to discuss around how business technology will be organized in the future. We started with some recap of IT, from the first IT departments in the 1970s when IT was very much an internal affair. All systems had employees interacting with them and then bam we had the first IT revolution when frontends were developed for the end users, usually running on top of the same old IT systems. Next disruption cloud, then AI, then… Two things can be said: IT is now integrated in most systems, could be for licensing, payments, sale support for partners, digital services… AND the technology changes will not stop, if anything they will come more often according to Ray Kurzweil’s legendary “The Law of Accelerating Returns”.
So how can we organize and work to be ready for a future of constant change? If we know that there will always be disruptive change, that it most likely will happen more often, that we will never be done/finished. Then what we need is a structural backbone: people and culture. People with knowledge, with the ability to form new ways of working, people who can solve complex problems.
And culture or “how we do things around here” as today’s speaker has been quoted saying.
A warm welcome BACK to Forbes Council member and 2-time author Shane Hatton! Shane, it was amazing to have you back on the show!