Episode 111
Guest: Anthony Murphy

Episode 111: Finding the perfect Product Positioning with Competitive Analysis w/Anthony Murphy

Jun 21 / Petra Färm
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Finding the perfect Product Positioning with Competitive Analysis
We are continuing our Australian theme. Last time I hosted the show we had Shane Hatton here. Shane has written two books, the first one is called “Lead the room” and it’s all about leadership and communication. There is a whole chapter in that book dedicated to:

‘position’ comes from the Latin word ponere, which means to place. Shane think of positioning as how people place you in their mind. Like that, in which box in your mind will I be? Might be different if I have these one…?

Shane also mentions four positioning activities:

  • Developing your character – who you really are

  • Leading your narrative – what you say you are

  • Building your credibility – who people see you are

  • Managing your reputation – what people hear you are

All of which are great. And during the summer break you should of course develop your character. As the philosopher Will Durant famously said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”.

Just to set the bar.

Anyhow let’s skip the character development for now and go straight to the narrative. What you say you are. Through words, body expression, cloths, acts, approachability…
Let’s think about how you want to be known?
If your colleagues were allowed one word to describe you, what would you like that word to be?
Would it be authentic, strong, empathetic, honest, real, inspiring, passionate…?

Next time you are to speak, lead, write or interact think about how you can reinforce that word you want to be described with.

Simple thing.

Same can of course be used for products as well. Describe your product with a single word. Or a sentence or an image.

Good thing we had a product positioning expert here with us to help.

Anthony, it was amazing to have you on the show!