Episode 113: Why stoicism is crucial for Product Managers w/ Maarten Dalmjin

Jul 12 / Magnus Billgren
Why Stoicism is crucial for Product Managers
Maarten Dalmijn is the most popular writer on the topics of Product Ownership, Scrum and Agile on Medium. He currently is the Head of Product at Rodeo and came in at #1 of the SaaS100 of the most profitable start-ups in the Netherlands. He is busy writing a book on delivering more value with Sprint Goals in the Mike Cohn series and a regular keynote speaker at conferences.

As Product People, we must learn to not get carried away too much by the feelings of others, and especially not our own feelings. As our own feelings can carry us away the most from what really matters.

Why Stoicism is Crucial for Product Managers.

Early on in my career, the biggest obstacle for my personal development was myself. In this deeply personal talk, Maarten will share his journey to overcome his emotional shortcomings by practicing stoicism. The talk will be concrete and provide actionable advice to start practicing stoicism the day after.