Episode 140: Four essential tools to level up your Product business w/ Eva Skoglund

Feb 7 / Magnus Billgren
Eva Skoglund is a Director of Product Management at the amazing tech company Tobii. With a product management background from Intel, Wind River, Virtutech, and Enea she has been creating global success.

A great product itself is unfortunately not enough. If you don’t speak to the right customers, with the right message, and you pinpoint exactly why they need your product and what the consequence is if they keep on without it – your great product will continue to live a slow life on the market. My belief is that Product Managers need to take ownership of the commercial aspects of the product and become much more intentional in how to work with sales and marketing teams. In the talk Eva Skoglund will share her best tools and how to use them when creating actionable output for sales and marketing people.

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