Episode 141: Sustainable UX w/ Thorsten Jonas

Feb 14 / Magnus Billgren
Thorsten is a sustainable UX Evangelist and Advocate based out of Hamburg, Germany. For more than 15 years He has been working in the field of UX, Service Design and Strategy Consulting, supporting clients like ZDF, Intel ,Red Bull and many more to create meaningful products or build up, lead and coach UX and Product Teams following the idea of empathic leadership.
After going through a burnout he quit his job as Director UX of an international Digital Agency in 2020 to focus on some of the major issues we face as human beings and society and to drive change through and within his work. By focusing on Sustainable UX and Design, Thorsten wants to bring his knowledge and experience to the table to help saving this world for us and every being on this planet.
At the beginning of 2021 Thorsten started the global initiative and community „SUX – the Sustainable UX Network“ with an international group of designers, to push Sustainable UX further for and with the digital creative community.
Thorsten has been featured as speaker at international conferences like Adobe MAX, IXDA Interaction Conference or World Usability Congress as well as company events – focusing on Sustainable & Responsible UX and Design.
Join Petra and Thorsten for this in depth presentation and talk about sustainable UX, you might get some interesting and valuable perspectives.