Episode 142: How to prioritize w/ Saeed Khan

Feb 21 / Magnus Billgren
Saeed Khan is one of the world's leading product thinkers, focusing on product marketing and transforming organizations to become product led. In this episode he explains in detail how to prioritize as a product managers.

This show dedicated to helping product managers and entrepreneurs understand the art and science of prioritization.
Saeed Khan is a seasoned product management expert with over two decades of experience in the tech industry. 
In each episode, Saeed will share his insights and strategies for prioritizing features, initiatives, and projects. 
Throughout the show, Saeed draws from his own experiences and share real-world examples of how he and his teams have tackled prioritization challenges. He will also take questions from the audience and offer practical advice on how to overcome common pitfalls and roadblocks.
Whether you're a seasoned product manager or just starting out, "how to prioritize with Saeed Khan" is the show for you. Join us  and learn how to make the most of your limited resources.