Episode 143: Extreme backlog cleaning w/ David Pereira

Feb 28 / Magnus Billgren
David Pereira is a passionate Product Leader with more than a decade of product management experience. Over the last years, he has led many product teams in successful endeavors.
Some highlights of his journey are:
• Exponential marketplace growth: from 5M € to 45M € revenue per year. My role was to find alternatives on how to scale the business sustainably.
• Innovate the second hand car market in Brazil, which created a business of 200M USD per year. He was responsible for three Product Teams, this led them to discovering solutions that innovated this market.
• Reinventing the route planning for thousands of people over Brazil. He led this project from concept to go live. It resulted in 4M USD cost saving with a 200K USD investment.
David's motto is, the faster we learn, the faster we succeed.
Over the last years, he has been working as a Product Leader. He is focused on coaching teams to deliver the highest value for their customers while driving desired business outcomes.
In this episode, David will explain how to untrap product teams!
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