Episode 149: 7 artifacts for effective product management w/ Sophia Höfling w/ James Engelbert

Apr 11 / Magnus Billgren
Sophia Höfling has spent the past 8+ years building up tech start-ups, products, and teams from 0 to 1 (and also seeing some of them fail).
As an entrepreneur, she loves the maker spirit of the early days and the system design required to scale an organization and its culture.
As a product leader, she enjoys working on solutions that leverage tech (robotics, computer vision, NLP, RPA etc.) in new ways. Sophia believes in life-centered (aka sustainable & ethical) design. She is convinced that the best products are built by cross-functional, nerd-driven teams.
As a manager, she excited about turning diverse groups into teams and seeing people grow.
Most recently Sophia has joined her family business ReiCat. They develop recycling and purification units for gas and waste air for a more sustainable future. Sophia is responsible for expanding our hydrogen business.
In this episode Sophia shares 7 artifacts for effective product management.