Episode 150: How to incorporate ChatGPT in your Product w/ Tulasi Menon

Apr 18 / Joshua Atlas
Join us for an exciting episode where we delve into leveraging ChatGPT to its fullest potential for your product. Our guest expert, Tulasi Menon, a product leader with a wealth of experience in AI and machine learning, will share invaluable tips and tricks for unleashing your creativity with ChatGPT to deliver top-notch products.
As the head of the product team in India for Azure AI services, and previously leading the Microsoft Edge consumer product team in India, Tulasi brings a wealth of expertise and insights on how to democratize AI, infuse AI into consumer products, and instill responsible AI practices.
Her passion for hacking and incubation, as well as coaching and mentoring, will surely add a unique perspective to the discussion.
Don't miss this episode if you want to stay on the forefront of the latest cutting-edge technology for your product. Join us for an exciting conversation with Tulasi Menon and discover how to unlock the true potential of ChatGPT to deliver remarkable products