Episode 151: The Inverted Product Manager w/ Jeroen Kemperman

Apr 25 / Joshua Atlas
In this week's show we will be joined by Jeroen from Google. In his talk, he will discuss the challenges of product management in combating "badness" in products such as security, infra, and abuse. For PMs operating in these areas, everything is somewhat "inverted". In this context, "inverted" refers to the fact that traditional product management principles often do not apply the same way, and it requires a different approach to ensure products are safe, clean, and enjoyable for users.
Jeroen leads Workspace's account security efforts, protecting Google's customers and their end-users from account takeover. His team creates security measures and features for admins to establish a secure environment for millions of people to work in daily. Due to the potentially harmful consequences of account hijacking, Jeroen's motto is "saving one is worth it."
With an MBA from IESE business school in Spain, Jeroen joined Google in 2016 as a Product Manager in Google's Identity team, where he worked to keep user accounts safe from being taken over by abusers. Prior to Google, he founded his own B2B startup and spent several years in corporate strategy.