Episode 153: Demystifying APIs for Product Managers w/ Erin Howell

May 9 / Joshua Atlas
In this episode of Productbeats presenter Erin Howell will discuss the role that APIs play in allowing applications to communicate with each other, and why this is important for Product Managers to know about.
Erin will share examples and use cases to illustrate how APIs are used in real-world applications and discuss considerations and challenges that Product Managers need to know about to have effective conversations with their development teams
Erin Howell is a problem solver at heart bringing together experience from small business, hyper-growth startups, large global enterprises, and now government. She uses her knowledge of software development lifecycle, operations, customer management, user experience design, scrum certification, marketing, and sales enablement to meet and exceed the goals of both the user and the business.
Erin leads with curiosity and thoughtful questioning, building trusting relationships and embracing diversity of thought. She is an active mentor and coach in the product management community supporting others by encouraging all to explore careers in technology.