Episode 3 
Guest: Thom Thavenius

Episode 3: Insight Creation w/Thom Thavenius

Apr 7 / Magnus Billgren
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Insight Creation
I was excited about going to work this morning. Once again, I am to work in, and with the future. That is what we do as Product People. We develop products that are to be used by someone in three or ten years from now. We, Product Managers, create the history of the future. To be successful in doing this work, we must build insights. Without insights, our strategy and decisions are merely guesses.

"Creating a Strategy without having Insights is called Guessing."

So, where do we find the Insights Experts? We have looked at the intelligence community. The only thing they do is building Insights; here we have the world's leading Insight experts. One of them is Thom Thavenius. He has a background as Principal Analyst at SÄPO (the Swedish Secret Service) and has built national and international organizations for analyzing societies. On April the 7th 2020, he participated in the ProductBeats Webinar Series.

My reflections from listening to Thom Thavenius:

Firstly you must understand the concept of insights Thavenius shared a three-step process. The process turns information into insights.

  1. Information - Collect and challenge

  2. Facts - Validate information

  3. Insights - Connect with you Usage

The best tool for creating insights in uncertain situations is, according to Thavenius, to work with SCENARIOS. Scenarios describe a future we can plan for. We can make multiple scenarios in uncertain times. The different scenarios make us mentally prepared.

I was intrigued by how we formulate them. Thavenius emphasized the need to write them as a "STATUSes" or "As_Is." Then they can be used and referred to in your work. Also, the use of Indicators for the scenarios is a mind changer to make scenarios work.