Episode 4
Guest: Guido Stompff

Design Thinking

Apr 14 / Magnus Billgren
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Design Thinking
Design Thinking is new. Design Thinking is old. 

Prof. Dr. Guido Stompff from the Netherlands has been intrigued by Innovation all his professional life. He has helped companies to develop new products and new business; he has guided professionals all over the world and taught thousands of students. Dr. Stompff knows Innovation and how to integrate Design Thinking. 

In the ProductBeats Webinar on the 14th of April, he shared his thoughts on Innovation and how to make it happen. Three ways of thinking can guide Innovation. 

  1. analytics

  2. decision making 

  3. design thinking 

They all must come together to create successful products. 

He summarized Design Thinking into three words: "LEARNING by CREATING" 

The key to success in the Design Thinking approach is to create a starting frame. If you are to design a house, the starting frame might be "let's place the kitchen with many windows towards the south to make it light." 

You will have to reflect and change. But without a starting frame, there will be NO creativity! 

And that is how we can use Design Thinking today. Create a Starting Frame for your new challenges. It can be a problem, technology, or it can be a solution. Then Learn by Creating and iterate!