Episode 5
Guest: Adrienne Tan

Product Success

Apr 21 / Magnus Billgren
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Product Success
We had it all figured out. We had learned how to do Product Management and how to develop great products. But things change. The future is accelerated. Some of the truths we knew are no longer valid, and some are more important than ever before.

But how can we tell the difference? To determine the difference, we need Product Wisdom. Adrienne Tan from Brainmartes brings Product Wisdom to the table. She has added value to products and product teams for 15+ years all over the world.

She looks into the future via three windows:

  1. People

  2. Processes

  3. Products


Many individuals have entered the Product Management World. There has been a shortage of Product Managers. As we look into the future, there will be an increased need for High Performing Product Managers. Individuals that make a change. Individuals that can drive a product to success while listening to the market.


Product Managers' job is not to excel in Scrum, Lean, or SAFe. Our role is to bring our customers great products. In fact, we can find a competitive edge by doing things differently than everyone else. We do not need to copy Google or Uber. Find your uniqueness also in your process, if needed.


Digital components are becoming more important for all products. Fantastic with the stories from the Digital restaurants, delivering food and then doing a live cooking session. Consumers will expect the digital components to grow. Adrienne also commented on how closely we must monitor and understand customers' problems. How are they changing? How can we support the change? Adrienne also focused on the SUPPLY CHAIN and risk management. It is a part of the Product Manager to build secure robustness and create readiness or resilience.

There is a path forward
We, as ProductPeople have an opportunty to make a difference. We can drive the product change. We must be open for thinking new, throw away ideas, embrace old models, be creative and dare to lead our products to success!