Episode 67
Guest: Alfonso Fiore

Episode 67: Beyond Firefighting w/Alfonso Fiore

Aug 3 / Magnus Billgren
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Beyond Firefighting
In our job as Product Managers, we constantly are exposed to fires, urgent issues we must address. The fires can take ownership of your work. But it might not be the best thing for your product or your career. In fact, IT IS NOT THE ROUTE TO SUCCESS! (DISCLAIMER: If your goal and success is to be a part of the yearly calendar with a mesmerizing smile - keep fighting fires).

Almost all C-level teams I meet are frustrated about the lack of strategic thinking and the limited innovative initiatives from the product teams. At the same time, the Product Teams are frustrated that they keep being used as firefighters. Can we make a change? Can we deliver better value as product managers while building our careers? Yes! Alfonso Fiores shows you the way in his presentation. Alfonso is the CPO at Happy Fresh with studies in Italy, Finland, the US, and the UK.

There will always be fires, he says. And we must address them. But we can make strategic choices in what fires to work with. We can prevent fires and also minimize their impact. We can become City Planners instead of just Fire Fighters.

In the presentation, he shares 3 rules in how your manager views your work as a product manager. There is a trick and challenge for you. You will have to learn to truly appreciate STRATEGY and STRATEGIC THINKING.
What uniform would you like to wear as a Product Manager?