Episode 89
Guest: John Franck

Episode 89: The Product Managers first 90 days w/John Franck

Jan 18 / Petra Färm
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The Product Managers first 90 days
Something that fascinates me is when there is a switch of American presidents, especially between the parties. There is really a hard switch, no sneaking in with a few binders or thoughts. You and your entourage and your 100 trucks with stuff just roll up to the White House and take over: the house, the power, the nuclear button, the everything. You better be well prepared and fast.
I once did this myself, not becoming the American president but starting a new job as a product manager. I was well prepared and with an action list of decisions I wanted to do and how to go about it. The same day I officially got the job I got to work. Within a week I had forced a number of product and portfolio decisions through. It was thrilling and terrifying. Sometimes I still expect consequences. This is however very seldom possible. I had been in another adjacent role for some time building up frustration and knowledge and then when I got the chance, I jumped on it.
Instead, you, as the new product manager, will enter a beehive of ongoing stuff, unresolved conflicts, half-done strategy thinking, and an old president that simply left.
How can you as fast as possible deliver value and get s*t done? Shall you listen in and learn, shall you do your thing – what is the best way? Is there a best way?
To help with all of these questions and possibly many more that will pop up we invited the awesome John Franck, Author of Every Product Manager’s First 90 days, to the show.
Key takeaways:
If you have a good start as a Product Manager, not only will you deliver value faster, you will stay at the company longer.
Make a plan - there is no avoiding making a plan! The plan should include:
• The team
• The stakeholders
• The numbers
• The product
So what are you waiting for? Go and make that plan!