Episode 91
Guest: Nils Janse

Episode 91: Deliver epic product value w/Nils Janse

Feb 1 / Petra Färm
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Deliver epic product value
This show is all about feature documents or product requirement specifications. Let’s start with some research that has fascinated us for some time. It’s kind of old, the original research was published in 1980s and it’s about boundary objects in Design Thinking. We were shown the light by one of our house Professors: Guido Stompff. The research shows the importance of something tangible to hold on to and discuss around to get things done. Especially in cross-functional setups where you perhaps do not share the same language.
At the same time as we started reading up on research in Boundary Objects, we were also given this book “Epic Alignment” by Nils Janse and wow. The book is all about having a single source of truth and making boundary objects become real. I absolutely love this book and have recommended it to numerous people.
It was absolutely lovely to have Nils back on the show. You can find his presentation below.