Episode 94
Guest: Suvi Nenonen

Episode 94: From go-to-market strategies to market-making strategies w/Suvi Nenonen

Feb 22 / Magnus Billgren
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From go-to-market strategies to market-making strategies
I have over the years created revolutionary products. Products that are unique with disruptive technologies. We have spent millions of Euros in development and the commitment from the development teams have been extraordinary. But I have often become disappointed about the companies’ marketing strategies and capabilities. A new disruptive product has been treated like the other products in the portfolio. We have been lacking a new ways of rolling out new products. The marketing departments and ad agencies have been extremely conservative in their approaches.
The book Blue Ocean Strategy opened up a new thinking. And I was thrilled to read about the research by professor Suvi Neenonen on market-shaping strategies. Oh, do I wish I had met professor Suvi 20 years ago? Yes. Her models gives us a framework to shape new markets. If you are working with disruptive or innovative products dig into the thoughts and start shaping your market!